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Start Date: Dec. 2013
Finish Date: Jan. 2012
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  • Lead a team of volunteer designers
  • Created in InDesign
  • Contributing writer/photographer
  • Helped transition to blog format

The purpose of NotifY is promotion of public and youth activism, youth participation, volunteerism and other activities that support people's involvement in the community through sharing of all interesting activities happening at YMCA Bitola or in which YMCA Bitola members took part. NotifY is for our members, partners and colleagues, and for everyone interested in getting involved in the community life.

NotifY comes out every three months since January 2003 and is prepared by a team of YMCA Bitola volunteers. It is distributed for free in an electronic format via e-mail. Everyone who is interested in receiving the NotifY editions sign up here with name, surname and e-mail address or occasionally visit our NotifY archive.