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I seek to transform the world through honest and authentic communication. I work hard to offer creative solutions to everyday problems and find my bliss in the creation of beauty and helping others. What can I help you with today?

Where I got my smarts


2005 January - 2007 June

Alfred University

Bachelor of Arts

Alfred, New York

Communication Studies

As a transfer student, pursued a bachelor's degree in communication studies with a focus on mass media and journalism. Graduated cum laud (3.26 overall GPA, 3.86 major GPA) with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies.

Activities & Societies

  • Fiat Lux A&E Editor/Staff Writer
  • WALF 89.7 Library Manager/DJ
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Member
  • Search Committee Member for the Director of the Counseling and Student Development Center

Jobs Held

  • Residential Assistant
  • Information Desk
  • AVI Foodsystems

Awards & Recognitions

Better Newspaper Contest

May 2007 / NY Press Association

Rookie of the Year

May 2007 / Residence Life Staff

Who's Who: College Students

June 2007 / WW Scholars, LLC

Alfie Award

June 2007 / Student Body
Outstanding Fiat Lux Contribution

2000 September - 2003 June

Hampshire College

Amherst, Massachusetts

Early Childhood Development & Education

As a full time student, pursued a degree in education and early childhood development. With the aid of Hampshire's unique curriculum, increased writing skills and integrated real world practice with classroom learning.


  • Intern (RA equivalent)
  • Assistant Infant Teacher
  • Teaching Practicum

My professional life

Work Experience

2018 July - 2018 Present

KM Ink Photography



Family photographer specializing in in-home lifestlye newborn shoots, milestone sessions, and outdoor lifestlye family portraits.

2016 January - 2017 September

Rainbow Child Care

Apex, North Carolina

Lead Pre-K Teacher

Transferred from Little Pros Academy, a sister school, took on the challenge of opening the Pre-K class at a newly built center. Daily caregiver for up to 12 four-year-olds. Received a 5.9 ECERS score, resulting in a five-star rating. Wrote and implemented curriculum, designed evidential boards. Compiled student developmental assessments, held parent conferences. Strengths include: conscious discipline, creative curriculum, and hands-on activity-based Teaching.

2015 October - 2016 June

Tangie Baxter & Co



Blogged for a prominent art journal designer and teacher. Wrote weekly posts ranging from Do-It-Yourself projects and adventures in digital art to Photoshop tips and tricks.

2015 April - 2015 July



PARCC Spring Operational Grade 6 ELA Scorer

Completed online training and qualification. Read and assessed student essays with a focus on inter-rater reliability and maintaining high quality standards.

2015 March - 2015 December

Little Pros Academy

Cary, North Carolina

Lead Pre-K1 Teacher

Co-taught up to 19 four-year-olds at a fve-star child care center. Wrote and implemented curriculum, designed evidential boards. Compiled student developmental assessments, held parent conferences. Strengths include: conscious discipline, creative curriculum, and hands-on activity-based teaching.

2011 September - 2014 February

YMCA Bitola

Bitola, Macedonia

US Peace Corps Volunteer


Underwent a competitive application process emphasizing professional skills, motivation, adaptability, cross-cultural understanding, and medical fitness before being invited into service as a Community Development: Youth Sector Volunteer in Macedonia.

As a trainee, participated in an 11-week training program, which consisted of:

  • An intensive Macedonian language course
  • Technical training, cross-cultural adaptability, and policy
  • Living with a Macedonian family, none of who spoke English
  • A practicum assignment used to apply skills in a real life context

Primary Assignment

Primary assignment with local grass roots non-governmental organization YMCA Bitola, located in Bitola, Macedonia; supervised by her counterpart Viktor Iliev. Participated in and initiated activities, particularly in the networking, organizational development, and public relations spheres, as well as a variety of local and national activities with other volunteers and organizations.

While focusing on strengthening YMCA Bitola's networking and institutional development designed, wrote, and trained a team of colleagues to sustainably publish NotifY, a now internationally recognized e-magazine and blog. To improve networking, organizational capacity, and sustainability facilitated and fostered the relationship between Peace Corps volunteers serving as project coordinators of the Young Men's Leadership Project and YMCA Bitola staff in order to establish a firm partnership for the program and to host the YMLP summer camp. To improve youth outreach and public relations skills, trained YMCA Bitola members on communication skills, basic design techniques, photography, and Internet applications to help streamline and increase productivity in the workplace so that YMCA Bitola may netter support their target group, youth, within their community and beyond. In addition, participated in weekly organizational meetings, board meetings, and all major programs and activities. Supported and was supported by colleagues at YMCA Bitola in all major programming decisions.

During the length of service, showcased flexibility, patience, and adjustment to the Macedonian culture. Utilized creative talents, technological literacy, and communication skills to benefit colleagues and project partners.

Apart from primary assignment duties, participated in a variety of other local and national secondary projects.

Secondary Projects

  • Acted as Lead Coordinator and regional judge for the National Essay Contest of Macedonia
  • Functioned as graphic designer and writer for Pauza, Peace Corps Macedonia’s quarterly magazine
  • Taught bi-weekly English classes and conversation hours
  • Lead a year-long, monthly book club and SAT essay preparation classes for youth participants with American Corner Bitola, the American cultural center for the US Embassy Macedonia’s branch of the Competitive College Club
  • Served as Media Facilitator for the Young Men’s Leadership Project summer camp 2012
  • Organized and co-facilitated four teams, over two years, for the Macedonia Model United Nations
  • Served as adult advisor for the Security Council of the Macedonia Model UN Conference 2013
  • Acted as photographer for events such as the National Spelling Bee and Macedonia Model UN
  • Provided local-level assistance to national projects such as interviews for Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) and regional qualifiers for the National Spelling Bee
  • Co-facilitated trainings for incoming Peace Corps Volunteers on adult English teaching methodology
  • Served as a regional Warden, trained by Peace Corps Macedonia’s Safety and Security Officer

Special Projects

Created and cultivated the position of Technology and Public Relations Coordinator for the Young Men’s Leadership Project (YMLP). A joint-venture between YMCA Bitola and Peace Corps Volunteers, YMLP is a year-long program culminating in a summer camp designed to develop the core values of social inclusion, commitment to democratic processes, and civic engagement for the emerging leaders of Macedonia in an inter-ethnic environment while providing them with the personal and professional life skills to help mold them into the future leaders of tomorrow. The position of Technology and Public Relations Coordinator was born out of the growing need to integrate and utilize current technologies into the project in an attempt to increase communication productivity of camp staff, advertise the program and reach the youth of Macedonia on the ground level. In this position, designed and built a website for YMLP, maintained daily communication across various social medias, created PR campaigns for the program, designed logos and print materials, created and implemented a streamlined application and interview system, and provided logistical support for the program.


• As a member of YMCA Bitola, led and attend a variety of trainings intended to build the capacity of participants. Participated in the following trainings: The Hero’s Journey, Better Photography for Trainings and Basics of Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom, Using Internet Technologies to Streamline Your Personal and Professional Life, Blogging Computer Seminar, Public Speaking for Young Leaders, Writing for the SAT, and Creative Writing Structure and Technique. • Attended Peace Corps Technical In-Service Training, Language In-Service Training, Mid-Service Training, and Close of Service Trainings. These trainings focused on Macedonian language development, technical community development training, and cultural adjustment.

*Full Documentation of Service available upon request.

2008 January - 2011 June

Children's Academy

Cary, North Carolina

Lead Teacher

Caregiver for 13 four year olds. Wrote and implemented curriculum and summer camp program, maintained and updated bulletin boards, assessed developmental needs of children and created progress reports for parents. Strengths include: classroom and time management, creative curriculum planning, and hands on activity-based teaching. Particularly effective in working with students dealing with behavioral issues.

What I have to offer

Skills & Knowledge


Adobe Photoshop 75%
Adobe InDesign 80%
Adobe Illustrator 25%
Adobe Lightroom 70%

Language Skills



Other Skills

  • Hand lettering
  • Photo retouching
  • Color theory
  • Basic HTML
  • Editing
  • Creativity
  • Critial Thinking
  • Self Starter
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Public Speaking
  • Flexibility


  • Photography


    Passionate about documenting everyday moments.

  • Reading


    Curl up with a cup of coffee and a good kindle.

  • Crafting


    Card making, crochet hats, and quilting. Oh my!

  • Digiscrapping


    The perfect storm of technology and craftology.

  • Writing


    Specializing in short stories, essays, and articles.

  • Cooking


    ... and a little bit a yum yum.

  • Movies & TV

    Movies & TV

    Netflix: the greatest invention since sliced bread.

  • Karaoke


    We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder.

My latest work


  • Pauza Winter 2013


  • EWG Macedonia


  • Urban Landscape


  • Spice Market Kit

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • My Biting Wit

    Hand Lettering

  • January 26


  • KM-Ink Digital Designs


  • Notify Issue 37-38


  • Excelsior

    Hand Lettering

  • NotifY Magazine


  • February 2


  • Nature


  • Myrtle Beach

    Hand Lettering

  • Notify Issue 39-40


  • People & Portraits


  • Flip Board Alpha

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • March 2


  • Rhys

    Hand Lettering

  • Pauza Summer 2013


  • Rustic Love Kit

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • Notify Issue 41-42


  • Object Art


  • YMLP 2013 T-Shirt


  • January 19


  • Food & Drink


  • Inked Alpha

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • NEC Macedonia


  • Arts and Crafts

    Hand Lettering

  • Pauza Spring 2013


  • The Intelligent Kit

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • YMCA Bitola Sticker


  • March 16


  • Pauza Fall 2013


  • YMCA Bitola Poster


  • Sunshower Kit

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • March 23


  • Indolence

    Hand Lettering

  • Summer Fun Kit

    Digital Scrapbook Design

  • Notify Issue 43




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